Why, hello there

Why, hello there

As an external referencer putting my creative work out into the world can be a pretty daunting experience.  I almost want to ask everyone I know if they like what I have made BUT what if they say 'NO its not really my cup of tea"? I, of course realise, that my creative style is not everyone's cup of tea - so its a pretty confusing space to be!

I have only fairly recently started telling people about my creative start up even though I work really hard at it.  I was far more likely to say I'm a lawyer, even though I spend less time per week working in my husband and my small legal firm than I do working on sew.be.

Partly I think that is due to imposter syndrome. Am I real quilter or patchworker?  What even is a real quilter or patchworker? Anyway I have decided its time to try and respect the things I make and put out into the world, and this space, by being loud and proud about what I do.

So I've updated my about page to include a photo of me (who even am I!?!) and put another here as well in case you are interested in who is behind sew.be - Its me, Bec Brennan- creative and quilt designer!

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I have just ordered pattern for cushion,would it be possible for you to send me a copy via email,just enough to get me started,or PDF
I want to make cushion as a gift

Jean Gamgee

Aloha, I would like to purchase “it a lot quilt” for my mom’s medical aid. I am paying for the pattern, how do I have it down loaded to Michelle Monger’s e-mail ‘Michelle Monger’ <mmonger14@gmail.com> hugs

Cherry Nutting

I love your work!!


Oh, there is no doubt you are a quilter, artist and designer. I love your creativity and I’m so happy I stumbled across you.

Catherine Kuehn

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