It's A Lot

2020/21 has been such a surreal experience for the world.  An ongoing pandemic, restrictions for safety, much of the world in long periods of lock down, 3 million have died - it has been a lot. In Australia we have been shielded by our island status and ability to shut borders and quarantine but this has not been without its own problems. An example, close to home, has been trying to support a good friend whose elderly mother fell and broke her femur - badly.  She lives in a different country to her three children and my friend has been unable to leave Australia to help her. She was not guaranteed that she would be able to secure a flight home to her young family. Instead she has had to employ an advocate to try and help her overwhelmed, lonely and frightened mother negotiate a long recovery and an eventual return to her home. This lack of human contact, of love, of helping our loved ones when we cannot get to them was what prompted me to design the It's A Lot Quilt.

I started on New Years Day.  I wanted something happy and full of life and colour to wrap my loved ones in when it all felt so overwhelming. It's a quilt filled with my favourite fabrics, favourite quilting techniques and love.  I hope those who chose to make it will be able to wrap their own loved ones in a physical representation of their love, because we all know that anyone who makes a quilt like this is putting more into it than stitches and fabric.

The pattern is suitable for a confident beginner and up. I love to use needle turn appliqué but you can substitute this for your preferred method. I'm currently hand quilting mine and loving seeing all my stitches bring those fabrics to life.  

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I am in the process of making the “it’ a Lot Quilt and I have a question…
-should the blocks be trimmed to 8” before assembling the quilt?

Barbara E. Newell

I love your style and have all your patterns. Still working on Orla.

Mardi Joubert

Such a beautiful story behind such a stunning quilt… can’t wait for my pattern to arrive..💕💕

Maria Reid

This is a great story behind the making of your quilt. I agree with your other commenter, the former presidential nightmare here in the United States was just about enough to send everyone over the edge, when added to Covid. Thank you for this beautiful, happy pattern, and also for the adorable little sewing kit. We are looking toward better days ahead!

Robin Ebaugh

I am so glad I read your blog post about this quilt and how you came to name the pattern. Covid has been a lot. So much to take in world wide, and for us here in the US, a Presidential nightmare that I’m glad is over. Anyway… this quilt is “a lot”, but I can’t wait to get to it! It’s really wonderful and it honestly has come at such a good time in my personal life and my quilting life. I’m excited to get started sometime this summer making this wonderful quilt. Thank you. I enjoy your Instagram post and drooling over your skills.
Happy quilting 🧵

Shea Werner

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