April and Otto Quilt - My heart in a quilt.

April and Otto Quilt - My heart in a quilt.

On Friday March 18th 2022 I launch my newest quilt pattern - the April and Otto Quilt.

This quilt was designed as an expression of love for my child who was April and is now Otto. The quilt features two blocks. One simple beautiful block (the April Block) and and one more beautiful, more nuanced block (the Otto Block).

It is my most loved quilt design and contains my heart, and love, but it also contains some undeniably difficult memories. 

I share my part of this journey, and my love and acceptance of my child, at a time where many legislators are trying to treat trans people, or children differently. In 2022, we are still mid pandemic with a large proportion of the world unable to access vaccines to protect themselves, world leaders are trying to curtail one country from invading its peaceful neighbour, many parts of the world are ravaged by climate change (including the area we live) and our youth (and many older people) are terrified for what this means for their future. Against this background, it seems almost incomprehensible to me, that people are threatened by other people expressing a gender that is different to what we assumed at their birth.

So with that framework I hope you love my newest quilt.

There are two versions of the quilt. The first, above, is the original version. It is pretty and scrappy and everything I love in a quilt. It was also made with a fabric pull that seems to have been guided by my necessary letting go of my little girl.

My second version, below, was made for my son. He chose the colour palette and many of the fabrics, and together we came up with an alternative appliqué design. The resulting quilt is more modern and perfect for a tween son.


You could make a quilt that features a combination of both appliqué shapes - and one of my lovely testers did just that.

The quilt is machine pieced and features needle turn appliqué. It is easy to achieve a bespoke feel, and in my opinion it will not take a long time to complete. I will upload a IGTV to my Instagram Feed of how I recommend you approach the needle turn element of this pattern. Of course there are detailed instructions in the pattern, the video may help if you are a visual learner.

Acrylic templates are available from my store, or many of the stockists, and include both appliqué shapes. Alternatively instructions on how to make your own templates are included in the pattern. I have ordered as many templates as my small business can carry without knowing if this design will prove to be loved so I apologise if they sell out. If they do I will order more!


The pattern is available as an instant download from my online store, or as an A5 pattern booklet.

I have worked with the lovely online store, Hillstitches Fabric Store, and the beautiful shop The Selvedge Society to create starter bundles to help you achieve a very similar feel to my first version of the April and Otto Quilt.

A final note, I know a lot of new quilt designs launch with a sale and at times I have taken that approach myself. I will not be doing a sale for this launch. Instead I am donating a portion of the sales from this pattern in March, to our local multidisciplinary practice for gender diverse youth.

I hope this quilt design speaks to you. I hope we are all able to choose love.

Bec x




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